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Current inventory

Stellar SEA Excel

Stellar S12 Advantage

Stellar S14 S Advantage

Stellar S14S Multisport

Stellar S16S Multisport

Stellar S16S Advantage

Stellar S18S Advantage (2)

Stellar Intrepid LV Multisport

Stellar S18 EXP (demo)

Stellar S16 Advantage

Stellar S15 Advantage

Stellar SEL Sport  Gen 1(demo)

Stellar S14LV (demo)

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Paddling Instruction

All lessons taught by certified, experienced instructors.

Forward Stroke Clinics

Basic Strokes and Maneuvering


Eskimo Rolling


Surfski Paddling

Kayak Surfing

Racing Clinics​

Paddling for Adventure Racers​

Team Building


"Prepper Paddling"

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