Above is the link to all the outstanding Stellar products we carry.  These are some of the finest surf skis and kayaks on the market.



stellar S18 adv

​Paddle Like a Pro


Develop your Forward Stroke
  • Sink your blade, then pull

  •  Don't engage your bicep until the blade leaves the water

  •  Keep your boat flat, don't wobble

  • Look where you want to go, not at the paddle

  •  Paddle with your core, not your arms

         Kayak Surfing

  • Learn surfer etiquette

  •  Know your limitations

  •  Never forget your boat can kill you or someone else, be mindful of where it is

  •  When you broach, lean into the wave

A good stroke is critical!

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Keep your sunscreen and duct tape with your paddling gear

Always wear your life jacket

Keep a whistle attached to the life jacket

A waterproof cell phone or VHS radio is worth the price

A spare paddle is priceless when needed

Tether your hat and sunglasses

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Paddling Instruction

All lessons taught by certified, experienced instructors.

Forward Stroke Clinics

Basic Strokes and Maneuvering


Eskimo Rolling


Surfski Paddling

Kayak Surfing

Racing Clinics​

Paddling for Adventure Racers​

Team Building


"Prepper Paddling"

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