Above is the link to all the outstanding Stellar products we carry.  These are some of the finest surf skis and kayaks on the market.



S18S Expedition Advantage
green s14s ms.jpg
stellar S18 adv
Stellar S14LV demo
stellar sr exp
Stellar S15LV Multisport

​Paddle Like a Pro


Develop your Forward Stroke
  • Sink your blade, then pull

  •  Don't engage your bicep until the blade leaves the water

  •  Keep your boat flat, don't wobble

  • Look where you want to go, not at the paddle

  •  Paddle with your core, not your arms

         Kayak Surfing

  • Learn surfer etiquette

  •  Know your limitations

  •  Never forget your boat can kill you or someone else, be mindful of where it is

  •  When you broach, lean into the wave

A good stroke is critical!
Getting ready for some kayak surfing!

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Keep your sunscreen and duct tape with your paddling gear

Always wear your life jacket

Keep a whistle attached to the life jacket

A waterproof cell phone or VHS radio is worth the price

A spare paddle is priceless when needed

Tether your hat and sunglasses

Punch through that wave!